Introducing: The Escape Hatch

In 2017, I got laid off from my job.

It wasn’t a particularly great job (I barely made $20/hr) which meant I had absolutely zero savings.

With over $30,000 in debt, it was a terrifying feeling.

DebtOver $10K in debt and this wasn’t even 1/3rd of it all …

Fast forward to today: the world is going crazy and many people are losing work due to COVID-19.

But me?

In the last 2 and a half years, I built a thriving freelancing career that sheltered me from all this BS, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

In my first year, I made more than double what I made at the job that laid me off.

By my second year, I was already making over 4x what I was previously (despite working way fewer hours than a traditional 9-5 job)!

2018 1099 FormOne of my 1099s in 2018 … these were just the earnings from one client!


The largest invoice I’d ever sent a client for one project — more than half my yearly income at my last job!

Even though my biggest client (a travel services company) recently took a huge hit, my skill set, which didn’t exist a few years ago, made me so essential that my client didn’t even think about letting me go.

Plus, having several other clients (and the proven formula to get more whenever I need to) has given me even more stability than when I had a “regular job.”

Even though my results are extraordinary, there’s nothing special about who I am or how I got here.

I had:

  • No special skills (my first job was as a middle school teacher)
  • No special connections (I had no one to even teach me, let alone pass me clients)
  • And ZERO financial resources (technically I had negative resources … $30K in debt, remember?)

I originally built this course because so many people have asked how I’m able to work from home, travel the world full-time, and live a life of adventure.

But somehow these days, despite the fact that everyone is already working from home and travel is the last thing on everyone’s mind, I feel like people need this material more than ever.

Introducing …

The Escape Hatch: Everything you need to leave your office for good (and live the remote work dream)

This is my entire playbook for how I broke into freelancing.

If you want to earn more than you ever have, achieve more job security than you’ve ever had, and do it all 100% remotely so you have the freedom to live your life however and wherever you want, this course will put you on the fast track and shave off years of trial and error.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

Part 1: How to go freelance

  • What is freelancing like?
  • How much can you make freelancing?
  • How many clients will you need?
  • How soon can you be up and running?
  • What skills do you need to be a freelancer?

Part 2: How to go remote

  • Professions that can go remote
  • Can your current job go remote?
  • Take your current job freelance remote
  • Getting freelance work outside of your day job

Part 3: How to find clients

  • How to find freelance leads
  • Who are you going to target?
  • Using freelancing sites
  • How to pitch a client and write a proposal
  • Getting on the phone with the client
  • How to close the deal
  • BONUS: How to make a freelance website

Part 4: How to deliver

  • So you landed the project, now what?
  • How to handle contracts
  • How to handle invoices
  • Client onboarding
  • Managing clients
  • How to handle deadlines
  • How to handle time zones
  • How to get more work from the same client
  • How to get a testimonial
  • How to get direct referrals
  • How to raise your rates
  • BONUS: Tools that make working with clients easy

Part 5: Bonuses

  • Setting up your business structure
  • Setting up a separate bank account
  • Using credit cards for your business
  • Paying yourself from your business account
  • Setting up a business address
  • Keeping personal and business email separate
  • Tracking your expenses and income
  • How to handle taxes
  • How to handle healthcare
  • Managing yourself
  • Developing your freelance network

Note: Full legal details can be found in our Terms of Service.


Imagine this typical scenario for a moment …

You’ve been following along with the course and now a client wants to work with you — awesome! But, this is your first time freelancing … how do you respond?

Do you need a contract? How much do you charge? When do you collect payment? What if you make a mistake and your client realizes that you’re totally new to this??

All of this can be incredibly overwhelming, and many would-be freelancers decide they can’t handle it. But with The Escape Hatch, problems like these become a simple matter of copy & paste — just follow along in the course, grab the script or template you need, and clients will be amazed by how professional you are!

Screen Shot 2020 04 01 at 4.05.39 PM

A course with this kind of material would normally cost upwards of $500. This course represents years of hard work … just the scripts or contract templates alone could be sold for hundreds of dollars …

But with the world how it is and no signs of it letting up anytime soon, I wanted to make sure it was accessible for the people who need it most.

You can get lifetime access to the material for just $249.

Get The Escape Hatch now!