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Hey and welcome to The Escape Hatch course! I am super excited that you’re here and can’t wait for you to go through the course.

Before you get started, a couple of quick housekeeping things. First things first, you need to register your user account.

Now, this process is a teensy bit janky, I get that… but by using this course hosting option inside of WordPress I’m able to deliver the course to you at a lower cost than if I was using a fancy pants course hosting site like Kajabi. (Have ya’ll see how much that shit costs a month!)

Anyhow… we have to make do with a little funkier process.

Here’s what to do now:

1. Check your email for an email from WordPress. (It could definitely be in your spam because that’s the way life goes sometimes … )

2. It will look like the below …


3. Once you open it, there will be a link to set your password.


4. Set your password. Click Reset Password.

5. Your password will be reset, but YOU DON’T need to log in to WordPress here to access the course. Just come back here to and log directly into the course. (You can also click the image below to get back there!)


6. Use the left side of the modal to login. Ignore the right side. And that’s it… you’re in. Welcome to the Escape Hatch!